Ramsau am Dachstein

The holiday resort for hikers, cross-country skiers and connoisseurs

Ramsauer High plateau- Ramsau is an 18 km long, 4 km wide sunny and densely wooded plateau to the south side, which is on 1.100 – 1.300 m.  Around 400 meters above the Enns-Valley body, mind and soul can be strengthen and your energy can be refilled. As well during easy hikes, walks, stops in Styrian huts and alps, during your jogging or Nordic walking. Your body will find the right recreation.

Alp region: The incredible Alp region offers numerous walk arounds, places with amazing views and refuge huts begins from 1.600 to 1.900 m directly at the Dachstein Südwände. Panoramic and sunny slopes invite you to a perfect skiing in the spring on the Ramsau plateau.

Dachstein: The skiing area on the Dachstein glacier (2700m) offers 4 ski lifts and up to 18 km of prepared ski slopes. The Dachstein provides more than only winter activities. Moreover the mountain offers highlights like the sky walk, ice palace and suspension bridge as well the “stairway to nothingness. (Stairs of a glass bottom). In summer, the Dachstein is the starting point for alpine hiking and climbing tours. The mountain is the number one of the climbing areas in Austria. Rocks and stones, impressive cliffs and breath-taking views over the Enns Valley are guaranteed for every visitor. You can start 19 climbing routes and tours from Ramsau am Dachstein.

Nordic Ski Sports Center of Austria - the well-known 220 km network of cross-country trails at altitudes from 1.100 to 2.700 m and all levels of difficulty, is the training center of the Nordic skiing elite every year. Not only the heart of the ski elite beat higher, there is also a huge cross-country skiing program for children and families. In addition to day and night trails, there is also an offer for ski jump, scooter tracks with biathlon, training room with treadmill for skating, climbing tower, sports medical institute and much more.

Family ski-mountain - 16 lifts, on the Ramsau high plateau up to the Dachstein glacier, offers family-friendly ski areas. For beginners, the Kalis Kinderland at the Rittisberg is ideal. Even excellent skiers get the feeling of being home on the Rittisberg, on the slopes of the Dachstein glacier as well on the Edelgrieß slope.


  • 1000 - 3000 meter above sea level
  • 2813 inhabitants
  • 6500 guest beds
  • Dachstein Glacier
  • Skywalk & Ice palace
  • Suspension bridge & stairs to nothingness
  • Panorama gondola up to the Dachstein
  • 220 km of cross-country slopes
  • Night cross-country skiing
  • Children cross-country skiing
  • Skiing
  • Family skiing-mountains
  • countless hiking paths
  • Dachstein crossing
  • countless ferrates
  • The famous via ferrate "Der Johann"
  • Mountain tours
  • Sleigh rides
  • Ice stock sport
  • Tobogganing
  • Golf
  • Paragliding
  • Lake "Ramsau Beach"
  • Crag
  • Indoor-climbing
  • Family hiking paths
  • Nordic Walking
  • Bike tours
  • E-Bike rental
  • Tradition
  • Ramsau Spring festival with many horses
  • countless horse farms
  • Ski jumping
  • Swimming pool Ramsau
  • Alps
  • Rustic huts
  • Bowling
  • Nature path "Karli der Ramsaurier" 
  • and many more