Stay safe at home

We also stay at home...

Covid19 still has a firm grip on us and it will takes a while until our employees come back from short-time work and home office. Until then, we would like to share our happy moments with you and keep in touch with you. Yes, we still live in paradise and we would like to distract you a little with a few snapshots. We all send you kind regards in this difficult time!


Inspector Clouseau is doing well right now because Marina can spend a lot of time with him! Schladming has a great riding center where horses and riders are in good hands!


If she is not riding, she is biking. Mountain bike, e-bike or racing bike - surely with the necessary "corona distance"!

KATHARINA/Frontoffice & Chalets Coburg

Katharina takes a hike to the Krahbergzinken. Hiking means enjoying nature, letting it work on you and drawing energy and strength from it!

MICHI - our janitor

Bea is now allowed to enter the kitchen - without any corona distance. Our Michi does not get bored at home because he has to take care of many llamas, rabbits, chickens, cats...! He`s not just a Lama Daddy - now he`s becoming a real Daddy - what Corona brings with it!

MARIA GRUBER and her companions

As you can see, animals are very important to us. My Joe and my Kacey are enjoying spring and already took some Enns baths. Currently alone, but they are looking forward to many friends who will hopefully come back soon!


Helena enjoys the calm in spring on the Galsterberg. Running, Hiking or just go for a walk and enjoy the sun! It doesn`t always have to be an adventure park - especially in corona times

DANIELA/Frontoffice Chief

Daniela is one of the best horse riders in our region. The ideal time to train Uganda. Ramsau am Dachstein is the mecca for rider and has the right offer for young and old, for beginners and advanced horese rider.


Sabine relaxes in nature and enjoys the spring sun. It can be a walk, a herbal hike but it can be also just sun bathing. Nature offers so many experiences for the whole family! Try out!

ULLI - Sun Lodge

Ulli has already started the mountain bike season and is cycling from one mountain to the other. Bathing in one of our many mountain lakes is unfortunately not yet possible, but in summer it will be corona safe.

VALENTINA - Chalets Coburg

Now Daniel can enjoy Valentina`s incredible smile - we and our guests definitely miss that at the reception of Chalets Coburg. Now it`s time for two - soon again @Coburg.

MICHI - Breakfast Chalets Coburg

Although she misses our guests very much, our "Breakfast Michi" has now time for long hikes and walks in the spring sun. But she can hardly wait to spoil our guests again with delicacies and nice words at the breakfast @Coburg.