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Holiday with dog at Schladming-Appartements

Finally time with your dog

Your four-legged friends are very welcome on your holiday with your dog in Schladming-Dachstein and in many of our accommodations. Climb the peaks, breathe in the pure mountain air, take a dip in the Enns or take long walks in the fascinating landscape of the Schladming-Dachstein region with your four-legged friends. Active & exuberant at any time of the year in Austria and then relax - finally time out with your four-legged friend.


Enough space in your own apartment, chalet, holiday home or aparthotel with terrace, balcony or garden make our accommodations the new dog home.

  • Welcome dog treat at arrival
  • We take the liberty of charging € 15 per day/dog
  • Please bring your own food, dog bowl and blankets.

5 reasons for a holiday with your dog in Schladming:

  • Numerous hikes, walking paths & mountain tours in summer and winter are perfect for a trip with your dog
  • Veterinarian in Schladming
  • Dog meadow in Schladming, athletic area & house in the Ennstal north of the soccer field near the Enns
  • Pet supplies at Baufreund Schladming
  • Dog school DOGclusion in Haus im Ennstal

Holiday with dog in Schladming-Dachstein

Finally time with your four-legged friend


Get out of your own four walls and let's go for a walk. You can always reach many dog miles, great walks on the Enns, through the Talbach to Rohrmoos and the dog park is not far away either.

Maria's and Kacey's favorite walks in Schladming

Enns walk with dog

Walk along the banks of the Enns in the east of Schladming

Duration: 1:26 h
Distance: approx. 6 km

The starting point for Maria and her four-legged friend Kacey is the center of Schladming in the direction of congress Schladming. If you follow the road after the congress, you will reach the pedestrian bridge (Gollobsteg) after approx. 200 m and cross the Enns. Then follow the left bank of the Enns to the Lehen Bridge. Back the same way or along the Klausweg to the level crossing and then along the footpath along the tracks back to the starting point.

Tip: On your walk is also a dog park near the Athletic Area!

Most asked questions about dog holiday in Schladming

Information for a relaxed holiday with your dog

In the Untere Klaus shortly before the bridge in Lehen between the Ennswegerl and the adjoining fields there are 4400 square meters of freedom for your four-legged friends. The dog meadow is completely fenced. Let your dog feel free and put the leash and muzzle aside.

Haus im Ennstal:
In Haus im Ennstal there is a large dog meadow on the Ennsboden behind the sports field.
The dog meadow is fenced and offers your dog a large area of run offleash.

Dogs are welcome to travel with the passenger. Dogs must, however, be muzzled and kept on a leash.

The gondola ticket for the dog - € 4,00.

Planai main Gondola

Planai Bus:
Dogs are required to be leashed and muzzled on all Planai buses!
The dog's fare is calculated from 50% of the person's price.

Ramsauer Verkehrsbetriebe: 
Dogs half the fare - small animals free.
Leash and muzzle compulsory on all buses.

Dogs may be leashed and muzzled on the bus.
Fare - 50% of the price of the person.

Bus timetables

Entry with a dog is no problem in Austria. There are also no breed restrictions. As a member of the European Union, all you have to do is comply with the EU entry requirements. In our brief overview you will see what to look out for.

EU pet passport: You must have a pet passport for your dog. This must be issued by a veterinarian and clearly assigned to your four-legged friend.
Microchip: Your dog must be identified by a microchip.
Vaccination protection: The pet passport must contain the veterinary proof that your dog has a valid vaccination protection against rabies.
Maximum of five dogs: You can enter the country with a maximum of five dogs.


At Baufreund Schladming (Gewerbestrasse 686, 8970 Schladming) you can get everything you need for your dog.
You will find everything from dog treats to dog leashes.

In Schladming and surrounding there are many well-educated veterinarians.

Mag. Gertrud Trinker - Martin-Luther-Straße 33, 8970 Schladming/ +43 3687 24474
Dr. Matthias Brandstätter - Ramsau 46, 8972 Ramsau am Dachstein/ +43 664 1355037
Dr. Siegfried Kiendler -  Bachweg 312, 8962 Gröbming/ +43 3685 22182


  • Alpinsteig Höll to Lake Riesach is not suitable for dogs because of the many stairs and the sometimes steep ladders
  • Hikes in the valley head of the Obertal from Eschachalm (e.g. to Lake Duisitzkar or to the Keinprecht hut)
  • Moaralmsee / Gumpental
  • Ramsauer Hut area from the hut Neustattalm to the hut Bachlalm

Muzzle obligation: in public transfer (bus, train), gondolas
Leash obligation: in public transfer, shopping malls and crowdy situations

It is not permitted to take dogs with you on the cross-country ski run.
Neither on a leash nor with a muzzle!

Dogs are forbidden on the ski slopes!

However, there are many ski tours away from the slopes where you can take your dogs with you.
Plan your ski tour thoroughly so that it becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your four-legged friend.


  • You should grease the paws of your four-legged friend with petroleum jelly (also called Vaseline) or put on special winter shoes
  • If you have a long-haired dog, make sure that no clumps of ice form in the coat
  • Make sure you take enough water with you
  • Always make sure to get rid of the dog trash



It is not allowed to take your dog with you while tobogganing, as it poses too great a risk of accidents for the dog and the tobogganists.

It is forbidden to cycle with dogs in the Schladming Dachstein region.

Would you like to keep your dog in good hands?
You can find dog sitters around Schladming under the following link.

Dog Sitter

Hikes with dogs

Plan your hikes in the region Schladming-Dachstein

Cable Cars for humans and animal

Leash and muzzle are required, prices vary

Cable Car Location Telephone Number


8953 Irdning-Donnersbachtal

+43 3680 606


8972 Ramsau am Dachstein

+43 3687 81776

Planai Seilbahn

8970 Schladming

+43 3687 22042 140

Hochwurzen Gipfelbahn

8971 Schladming-Rohrmoos

+43 3687 22042 140

Preunegg Jet Reiteralm

8971 Schladming-Rohrmoos

+43 6454 7357 600

Tauern Seilbahn Hauser Kaibling

8967 Haus im Ennstal

+43 3686 3030

8er Gondelbahn Hauser Kaibling

8967 Haus im Ennstal

+43 3686 3030

Dachstein Gletscherbahn

8972 Ramsau am Dachstein

+43 3687 22042 800

Galsterbergalm Gondelbahn

8965 Michaelerberg-Pruggern

+43 3685 22845


Dogs on a leash are allowed on the lawn at the following bathing lakes, but not in the water:

  • Leisure center Donnersbach
  • Donnersbachwald leisure facility
  • Leisure center Irdning
  • Summit pool Riesneralm
  • Amusement park "Ramsau Beach

If your dog also wants to go into the cool water, there are countless small streams in the region where you can definitely find a place to cool off. Our dogs refresh themselves in the Enns or in the Talbach in both summer and winter.


Dogs are very welcome here!


Walks on our winter hiking trails, as a companion on ski tours and snowshoe hikes off the slopes. As an observer on a romantic sleigh ride and of course as a guest in many huts and snack stations.

Important for the cold season:

Use signposted winter hiking trails with your dog. It is too dangerous for athletes and dogs on the piste or cross-country ski run.

Proper handling with grazing cattle

Enjoy a carefree dog holiday in Schladming

What do I have to consider when taking my dog on a trip to huts?
  • Please keep quiet in general on alpine pastures
  • Do not frighten grazing animals and do not seek contact with grazing cattle or even try to feed the animals
  • Avoid frantic movements, and especially avoid imitating "cow sounds"
  • Close the gates well after crossing and cross the pasture quickly.
  • As a hiker and mountain biker, please never leave the marked trails.
  • You should always walk past a herd of cattle to the side (30 - 50 meters away), preferably above the herd. Avoid running through the middle of the herd if possible.
  • When grazing animals approach: remain calm, do not turn your back and leave the pasture.
  • Observe the animals without direct eye contact: If you notice that they are restless, leave the pasture or pasture immediately - please do not run away, but rather retreat without taking your eyes off the animals!
  • Take a stick with you when you cross the pastures. Threatening gestures with the stick and loud shouting can make aggressive animals turn back. Strikes and fast, hectic movements such as waving sticks and arms should be avoided.
  • Where entire families of cattle, cows with their calves and maybe even a bull, are on the pasture, special caution is required! With a bull, the pasture or alpine pasture would be avoided! Suckler cows, on the other hand, will always protect and defend their calves due to their natural maternal instinct - just like we humans protect our children. Therefore never come too close to calves or even stroke and feed them.
  • Never tie the leash around your body; the leash or the dog must be able to be released at any time.