Wilde Wasser | © Schladming-Dachstein

Wild Waters

... experience water with all your senses

  • “Wild Water”

The route leads from Schladming (Kraiter car park) through the Talbachklamm, past the old mill, the nature reserves of Toteisboden and Tettermoor, Waldhäusalm, Sondlalm and Weiße-Wand-Alm to the Riesachfall car park. This is where the signposted themed path ends and the fascinating alpine Wild Water climb begins.

At 14 stations the hiker discovers a great deal about the valley’s past, about the (once) hard and deprived life of the valley inhabitants and about the many secret places along the way. Surrounded by the steep mountain flanks on both sides of the valley, the guest experiences the unique landscape of the lower valley with its “Wild Water”. Along the way are short, tumultuous cascades and calm-flowing stream sections; steep cliffs and flat ground alternate with one another. Those observing the valley flanks carefully can recognise there the powerful traces of the water. In the hiking season, buses run between Schladming-Rohrmoos and the Riesachfall car park. Starting points are in Schladming, Untertal village, Hinkerbrücke car park and Gasthof Waldhäusalm.

Many well-marked, sometimes demanding mountain tours begin at the Riesachfall car park at the end of the signposted themed path.

  • Alpinsteig "Wild Water"

The Alpinsteig Wilde Wasser opens up the Riesach waterfall. 140 meters, the water thunders over 2 steps into the Untertal. It is the highest waterfall in Styria. After access on a steep but wide path with serpentine stairs you reach the Alpinsteig after about 30 minutes, which extends through a gorge along the Riesachbach. You experience the elemental force of the water in an impressive way. Especially in the spring after the snow melts here offers a great natural spectacle. However, the Alpinsteig requires sure-footedness and a head for heights - nevertheless suitable for children and especially popular. The descent on a forest road, however, is accessible to everyone. The Upper Gfölleralm can also be easily reached via this route without an alpine path.

  • Location / Start point:

Kraiter parking lot on the southern outskirts of Schladming, or take the hiking bus a little way into the valley and at a stop or at the end station Gasthof Riesachfall in the hiking trail.

  • Tour planing:

Hiking or sports shoes with treaded sole, Due to the numerous rest stops, can be dispensed with provisions. The varied and completely harmless way is especially suitable for children. A walk with a baby stroller is possible. For jogging, walking and Nordic walking, the route is also recommended.