"Most Beautiful Certified Hiking Tour"

The WATER TRAILS of Wild Waters reach from Schladming through the valleys of Obertal and Untertal in Rohrmoos up to an altitude of 2,600 m above sea level.

In the Untertal valley on a length of 14 kilometres a theme trail shows all facetes of our most valuable asset - calm and sparkling at one spot and thunderous free falling just around the next corner of the Schladminger Tauern mountain range. A unique experience of nature that holds the titles of "National Geographic Hiking Trail" and "most beautiful certified hiking tour" by Austria's hiking villages.

The trail accompanies the Talbach river on its adventurous way towards the valley. The tour splits into various stages, but it is also possible to walk the entire theme trail all at once (about 6 hours walking time). Close to the water you feel the force, the vibrance, the fascination of every single droplet. The ultimate kick waits on stage 4: the 50 meter long steel rope suspension bridge awaiting you at the entrance to the alpine trail "through hell". Crossing the bridge even costs the courageous quite an effort.

Wild Waters² introducing Obertal

With the integration of the Obertal valley the brand of Wild Waters transforms into Wild Waters². On the one hand the ² stands as a symbol for the two valleys of Untertal and Obertal. On the other hand the ² communicates an extension of Wild Waters itself, which happens with the extension to the Obertal valley.

Regarding water-related experiences Obertal is as rich in attractions as Untertal. One example is the area around the Nickelmuseum - from the hiking gateways at Hopfriesen a trail (suitable for prams) leads "back to nature". The exhibition at and around the Nickelmuseum shows mining history in a way appropriate for children and the area offers a range of opportunities to play and frolic. Wild Waters are present visually, acoustically and sensible along the whole trail in form of the Giglach and Obertal creek. Further examples are the Giglach lakes or the picturesque Duisitzkar lake.

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